Project Period 2016 Schedule

With graduation just around the corner, students and faculty are gearing up for our end of year Project Period week. Project Period runs from Thursday, May 19 to Thursday, May 26.

Click here for the Project Period morning and afternoon schedule.

Day student parents and parents of 5-day boarders, please recognize that students are required to attend each meeting of their project and that projects run through the weekend. Project Period is a graduation requirement.

Project Period is a pretty magical way to end the school year, allowing for a few more adventures with friends before we disperse all around the globe. click here for a listing of Project Period offerings for 2016 and learn more about Project Period at

IB Exam Schedule Announced

Seniors will sit IB exams during the first three weeks of May. This is the culmination of their IB work and they are ready!

As of Monday, May 2nd, seniors no longer have to attend classes, sports or Community Meeting, but they must check in with Kris or Joanna by 10am if they choose to skip breakfast. Day students may stay off campus on days they do not test, but must call into school to let us know if you will be on or off campus.

The exceptions to this policy are seniors in a class where he or she will not be taking an IB exam for that class. Those seniors must continue to attend your class throughout the month of May and take your Final Exam except when your class directly conflicts with an IB Exam that they are taking.

You can access the IB exam schedule by clicking here.