Spring Horse Show

The VVS Horse Show this weekend was a huge success. We had 11 VVS riders, 5 riders from Orme, and 2 riders from Sedona competing. Sherry Kent-Devallier judged the event at Orme School and many spectators cheered everyone on.


Class 1: Novice English Equitation: Maya Shen 1st, Tiffany Tian 2nd, Alsace Liu 3rd
Class 2: Novice English Pleasure: Emily Welsh 1st, Maya Shen 2nd, Amaya Romanski 3rd, Olivia Williams 4th, Sarah Zhao 5th
Class 3: English Equitation: Kelsey Woellmer 1st, Annemarie Schneider 2nd, Julia Staph 3rd, Julee Alden 4th, Sheila June 5th, Nicky Volz 6th
Class 4: English Pleasure: Kelsey 1st, Olivia 2nd, Julee 3rd, Ashlynn Dighans 4th, Sheila 5th, Sara Angel 6th
Class 5: Novice Ground Rails: Olivia 1st, Emily 2nd, Maya 3rd, Sarah Zhao 4th, Alsace 5th, Tiffany 6th
Class 6: Crossrail 10″-12″: Olivia 1st, Emily 2nd, Amaya 3rd, Sheila, 4th, Ashlyn 5th
Class 7: English Equitation Over Fences 15″-18″: Emily 1st, Sarah Angel 2nd, Olivia 3rd, Nicky 4th, Julee 5th, Annemarie 6th
Class 8: English Equitation Over Fences 2’0″ – 2’6″: Sarah Angel 1st, Nicky 2nd, Olivia 3rd, Annemarie 4th
Class 9: Open Jumper 2’0″ – 2’6″: Nicky 1st, Annemarie 2nd, Olivia 3rd
Class 10: Joker’s Wild 18″ – 2’6″: Annemarie 1st, Sarah Angel 2nd, Olivia 3rd, Amaya 4th, Emily 5th

To see photos visit www.vvsaz.org/galleries

CVGA Gymkhana Results

The VVS Equestrian Team traveled to Cottonwood last weekend to compete in the Central Verde Gymkhana Association Gymkhana.  In total, the team brought home 16 ribbons!

IMG_6538 copy

Hanna Hartwig, ’18 and Amaya Romansky, ’19 of the VVS Equestrian Team.

Competitors included Tiffany Tian, ’16;  Amaya Romansky, ’19;  Emily Welsh, ’17;  Annemarie Schneider, ’16; Nicky Volz, ’17;  Sarah Angel, ’17;  Hannah Hartwig, ’18; and Lucy Warren; 16.


It was Tiffany and Emily’s first competition for VVS.  The gymkhana included four events and saw about 13 competitors per division.  Amaya and Hannah competed in the 11-14 year age group, and the rest of the team competed in the 15-18 year old group.

In Barrels, Annemarie took 4th and Nicky took 5th place ribbons.
In Pole Bending, Nicky took 2nd, Annemarie took 3rd, and Sarah took 6th in 15-18yr division.  Hannah took 3rd in her division.
In Working Cowhorse, Annemarie took 2nd, Nicky took 3rd, Hannah took 4th, Sarah took 5th and Lucy took 6th.
In Tunnel Vision, Annemarie took 1st, Nicky took 2nd, Sarah took 3rd, Hannah took 5th and Lucy took 6th.
According to Equestrian Manager Caroline Diehl, the entire team rode so impressively. They compete again in the spring.  You can see photos from the gymkhana at www.vvsaz.org/galleries.