Spring Horse Show

The VVS Horse Show this weekend was a huge success. We had 11 VVS riders, 5 riders from Orme, and 2 riders from Sedona competing. Sherry Kent-Devallier judged the event at Orme School and many spectators cheered everyone on.


Class 1: Novice English Equitation: Maya Shen 1st, Tiffany Tian 2nd, Alsace Liu 3rd
Class 2: Novice English Pleasure: Emily Welsh 1st, Maya Shen 2nd, Amaya Romanski 3rd, Olivia Williams 4th, Sarah Zhao 5th
Class 3: English Equitation: Kelsey Woellmer 1st, Annemarie Schneider 2nd, Julia Staph 3rd, Julee Alden 4th, Sheila June 5th, Nicky Volz 6th
Class 4: English Pleasure: Kelsey 1st, Olivia 2nd, Julee 3rd, Ashlynn Dighans 4th, Sheila 5th, Sara Angel 6th
Class 5: Novice Ground Rails: Olivia 1st, Emily 2nd, Maya 3rd, Sarah Zhao 4th, Alsace 5th, Tiffany 6th
Class 6: Crossrail 10″-12″: Olivia 1st, Emily 2nd, Amaya 3rd, Sheila, 4th, Ashlyn 5th
Class 7: English Equitation Over Fences 15″-18″: Emily 1st, Sarah Angel 2nd, Olivia 3rd, Nicky 4th, Julee 5th, Annemarie 6th
Class 8: English Equitation Over Fences 2’0″ – 2’6″: Sarah Angel 1st, Nicky 2nd, Olivia 3rd, Annemarie 4th
Class 9: Open Jumper 2’0″ – 2’6″: Nicky 1st, Annemarie 2nd, Olivia 3rd
Class 10: Joker’s Wild 18″ – 2’6″: Annemarie 1st, Sarah Angel 2nd, Olivia 3rd, Amaya 4th, Emily 5th

To see photos visit www.vvsaz.org/galleries