Terrible Gods Spring Musical

What a great weekend of theater at Verde Valley School! The spring community presentation of the musical “Terrible Gods” saw performances on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. “Terrible Gods” is written by Tom Evans, father of our own music teacher Cooper Evans. Cooper also contributed original songs to the production.

Theater Director Bridget Broomfield lead the community through rehearsals, set building, costuming and tech. She was assisted by Donita Coburn-Amadio.

The cast included students, faculty, faculty children and even our Head of School:

Nina: Lila Duran-Ruiz
Lucinda: Morgan Bailey
Mobeen Koozle: Drake Busby
Buzz Piker: Rosalie Chisolm
Omar: Maya Shen
Creon: Kat Guillot
Moria: Amaya Romanski
Mr. Toto; Mondo: Andy Gill
Mrs. Toto: Headless Gork #2: Cindy Ji
Mrs. Piker: Nam Ha
Mr. Piker: Talie Peck
Soo Piker: Jaidynn Lyke
Koozle Kids: Josie Carter, Poppy Carter, Riley Diehl, Finley Gill, Juniper Gill, Lucy
The Pilgrim; Headless Gork #3: Tatiana Krakhmaleva
Headless Gork #1; Gardner #1: Jess Harmon
Omons: Kevin Chisolm II
Seraphina: Galen Coburn-Amadio
Worthington: Jennie Harlan
Merk: Vural Eser
Winston: Lola Olorode
Trill: Paul Amadio
Simp: Lincy Qin
Blue Pointies: Kate Brovina, Josie Carter, Poppy Carter, Riley Diehl, Finley Gill, Juniper
Gill, Katarina Guillot, Nam Ha, Lucy Spielman, Tatiana Krakhmaleva
Gork Head Servant: Bridget Broomfield

For the first time in years, the Brady Hall orchestra pit held the band providing the music. Musicians included Paula Drettas, Xander Kraus-McLean, Trang Pham, Isabella Primavera and Angelo Primavera, under the direction of Musical Director Cooper Evans.

The cast would like to give a big thank you to Gracie Shoup and Laura Tracy for sets; Kate Brovina for props; Christopher Lopez and Eugene Truong for lights; Galen Coburn-Amadio for hair and makeup; John Chorlton for technology help; Jeremy Broomfield for the programs; Jen Gill for still photography. They send out a special thanks to Sarah D’Angelo and the staff of Barrow Neurological Intensive Care Unit at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.

For photos from the show visit www.vvsaz.org/galleries