Soccer Championship Postponed

The Northern Arizona Athletic Association Championship game between Verde Valley School and Oak Creek Ranch School has been postponed to Tuesday, May 3 at 4:00 pm at Morris Field on the VVS campus.

After qualifying OCRS realized they had a sports scheduling conflict and would need to forfeit. Rather than accept the forfeit, VVS Head Coach Andy Gill rescheduled the game.

Last week OCRS handed VVS their first A-Team loss in 45 consecutive games. It should be an amazing championship game.

Varsity Soccer Wins Season Opener

The VVS A soccer team posted their 41st win in a row on Wednesday with a win over American Heritage Academy. 

The 8-0 outcome saw a goal scored by Alex Tehfi, ’18; two goals by Reus Zhu, ’17; and five goals scored by team co-captain Zino Vieth, ’16. Team co-captains are Kelly Franks,’16 and Kevin Singsaas, ’16.

VVS fielded an international team, with the 15 players on the squad hailing from seven different countries – Afghanistan, China, Germany, Mexico, Rwanda, Spain and the United States .  The varsity team members for the 2016 season are:
Alexander Ocsher, ’16
Alex Tehfi, ’18
Daisy Karekezi, ’19
David Weng, ’17
Ehsan Nasiry, ’16
Jess Harmon, ’18
Jack Liu, ’17
Jorge Porta-Bereciartua, ’16
Kelly Franks, ’16
Kevin Singsaas, ’16
Reus Zhu, ’17
Talie Peck, ’17
Tyrien Fixico, ’17
William Schwindenhammer, ’18
Zino Vieth, ’16

VVS will host two more games on Morris Field before spring break: VVS A team takes on Oak Creek Ranch School on Tuesday March 8th with a 4:30 kick off and Wednesday, March 9th VVS B team hosts American Heritage Academy with a 4:30 kick off.

For the full VVS soccer schedule visit For photos of Wednesday’s game visit


Soccer Season Begins

After a few false starts last week (forfeits by both Northpoint Academy and Spring Ridge Academy), the VVS B soccer team took to Morris Field in our season opener against Southwestern Academy’s A team.  

VVS came up short despite a goal in the final minute by Marco Huang, ’19.  The final score was 4-2 to Southwestern.  Khanh Tran, ’18, scored the team’s other goal in the first half.



The great turnout of players again facilitated the ability to have both an A and B team this year.  Since both teams play their own schedule they could conceivably compete against each other in the Northern Arizona Athletic Association final in April. The A and B teams meet up in regular season play on April 7 at Morris Field at VVS.


Next week the VVS A team takes on American Heritage Academy on Wednesday, March 2. The game is on Morris Field and kick-off is at 4:30 pm.



2016 B Soccer Photo copy

VVS B Soccer Team 2016 – Front Row: Jack Yang, Hieu Trinh, Alsace Liu, Jeff Liu, Gerrard Wu, Maggie Chen, Amber Zhu and Tim Huang. Back Row: Assistant Coach Jeff Welsh, Jimmy Wang, Christopher Lopez, Jin Soo Park, Zack Hui, Khanh Tran, Harris Truong, Jacob Zhang, Marco Huang and Coach Andy Gill.



Great Job on College Acceptances!

seniors copy 2


Congratulations Class of 2015!

During a special dinner on “Deposit Day” in early May, VVS seniors announced their college matriculation choices to the school. Each member of the class of 36 seniors marked a spot on a map of the US – with one student choosing to attend a university outside of the US – with their name and college choice during the dinner. Once again we’re looking at a 100% rate of matriculation to four-year universities.

Each member of the Class of 2015 was accepted into multiple undergraduate institutions and all will matriculate in the fall, with the exception of two students choosing a gap year followed by entry in the fall of 2016. The VVS Class of 2015 matriculation list includes

Dartmouth College (2 students attending)                 School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Bryn Mawr College (2 students attending)                 Colorado State University

University of California, Irvine                                      Augustana College (3 attending)

California Polytechnic State University                       Penn State University

Colorado College                                                               Arcadia University

Pitzer College                                                                     Knox College

Willamette University                                                      Sierra Nevada College

University of Arizona                                                       Centenary College

University of Colorado, Boulder                                    Providence College

Southwestern University                                                 Washington State University

Wheaton College                                                               Gustavus Adolphus College (2 attending)

Earlham College                                                               George Mason University

Marist College                                                                   Quest University

Fuhrman University                                                        Gonzaga University

Oregon State University

It was also a very successful year for merit scholarships with approximately 90% of the class offered tuition assistance based on merit. A little over $1.3 million dollars was awarded per year to members of the class. Spanning four years of college, the class in total was awarded in excess of $5 million in scholarships.

Students were also accepted to, but opted not to attend schools including Bates College, Fordham University, Middlebury College, Wesleyan University, Occidental College, Rhode Island School of Design, Lewis and Clark College, Sarah Lawrence College, Skidmore College, Hofstra University and Lehigh University.



VVS Awards at Northern Arizona Watercolor Society

2015 dylan naws web

This past Saturday and Sunday the Northern Arizona Watercolor Society featured artwork from students at 11 different Verde Valley and Flagstaff schools at Sedona Red Rock High School.
Now in it’s 25th year the show consists of student work submitted by area art teachers. This year VVS artists took 12 ribbons, with senior Dylan Eckert winning $150 by taking best in show with his 3D crossbow sculpture. Winners include:

Barret Li  – Third place: drawing

Allean Bankhead – Honorable mention: painting

Victor Park – Honorable mention: mixed media

Cindy Ji – Honorable mention:painting

Linh Nguyen – Honorable mention: photography

Ray Huang – Honorable mention: ceramics

David Ruiz – Honorable mention: ceramics

Josh Yang – Honorable mention: ceramics

Alexa Szombathy – Second place: ceramics  sculpture

Natalie Grandaw – Second place: ceramics

Katharina Geppert – Third place: sculpture

Dylan Eckert – Best in Show and First place: sculpture


VVS in NAAA Soccer Final

VVS takes on Oak Creek Ranch School this afternoon in the league final for the Northern Arizona Athletic Association championship.  Kick-off is at 5:oo on Morris Field here at VVS.

Oak Creek has given VVS steady competition throughout the season – with a 3-1 VVS win on April 7 and a 5-2 VVS win on April 21 – so this afternoon’s match promises some great football.  VVS wrapped up regular season play with a fourth consecutive undefeated season for our varsity team.  Below are the season results for the varsity team and man of the match for each game.

March 26

VVS vs. Southwestern Academy – final score 7-3 to VVS with goals from Kelly Franks, Zino Vieth, David Ruiz, Billy Li, Davide Pirovano and Esli Ray Sinavyigeze. Man of the Match was Davide Pirovano.

April 1

VVS vs. Northpoint Academy – final score 6-2 to VVS, but technically a forfeit to VVS. Zino Vieth scored three goals with goals also scored by John Lee, David Ruiz, Esli Ray Sinavyigeze, Nadir Yondu, and Adam Zhang.  Man of the Match was Kelly Franks.

April 2

VVS vs. Canyon View Academy – final score 12-1 to VVS with five goals by Zino Vieth, three goals from Mykale Bankhead, two goals by John Lee, and two goals by Nadir Yondu.  Man of the Match was Zino Vieth.

April 7

VVS vs. Oak Creek Ranch School – final score 3-1 to VVS with two goals from Zino Vieth and one from John Lee. Man of the Match was goalie Jackson Xu with a great double save.

April 9

VVS vs. Southwestern Academy – final score 2-0 to VVS with goals by Zino Vieth and Mykale Bankhead. Zino was named Man of the Match.

April 21

VVS vs. Oak Creek Ranch School – final score 5-2 to VVS with goals by John Lee, Zino Vieth and two goals by Esli Ray Sinavyigeze.  Man of the Match was John Lee.