Summer French Language Workshop

VVS French teacher Taylor Roholt has announced an on campus beginner French conversation workshop to be held on the Verde Valley School campus this summer. Join Taylor Monday through Friday evenings from May 30 – June 10th. Classes will meet from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The cost of the workshop is $300.

This intensive French conversation course is designed to get students speaking French in two short
weeks. During ten 2-hour classes, students will learn how to converse in everyday situations through
fun, interactive activities. These skills will help those navigating as tourists in French-speaking countries and will allow them to more easily connect with locals.

This course is designed for those with little or no knowledge of the French language (or if your
French classes are years behind you). Courses will focus on speaking, vocabulary, and interacting
in real-life scenarios.

Lessons will include:
Buying produce at the market
Presenting yourself and others
Ordering at a restaurant
Taking public transportation
Asking for directions

Taylor is a self-proclaimed serious Francophile who loves the art of teaching. After spending three years in Grenoble, France he earned a Master’s degree in teaching French as a foreign language. He currently teaches all levels of French – from beginner to advanced – at Verde Valley School. Taylor says that teaching allows him to, “convey both the beauty and utility of French to students, and I am excited to share this beautiful language with the greater Sedona community.

For information and enrollment, contact Taylor Roholt at gro.z1601040117asvv@1601040117tloho1601040117rt1601040117 or by phone at (928) 284-8921.